2011 first post

a late happy new year, i don't know still busy on 'settle thing down' ha, more than half year of 'settling' how amazing...
want to focus more doing my own stuff aside from work, need to find myself back :P


Ben BASSO said...

Superb, Joysuke ! The first is hypnotic !

ARF! said...

hey coucou Joy ! Happy new year to you !!!
argh sooo late ^^' time's running so fast :s
that's been a while we didn't have a talk ^^'
well, hope you're all right and life in London still nice :)
many greetings for year 2011
and best whishes for chinease new rabbit year too haha :D
kisses +++

Nadia said...

really nice and cute :)

joysuke said...


Arf: I heard you are going to hong kong hope you will enjoy sorry for replying u late and thxn for the wish!!!

Nadia, thxxx ;D

Sebastián Pizarro B. said...

Awesome colors!

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