recently the political environment is very messy in hong kong, I feel so upset about it, looking some monsters ruining a place I love...the feeling is worse than breaking up with someone, i think it's nearly accurate to describe how I feel the moment.
how can our government totally ignore but even reverse our opinion?

why so desperate?

those monsters are monsters.


Santafire said...

loving your fly to mars watercolor look^^

the government is acting up in my country too. its sickening.

Ben BASSO said...

I often use the word "superb", here. Well again, it is.

chromasketch said...

nice work..

yeah i saw some footage of the protests in hk.. pretty crazy..

Claudio Acciari said...

Monsters are all over the globe. I want to get some super-power and...to go on some other planet too ^_^.
Like the girl on Mars.

joysuke said...

Santafire> aiaia i really feel tired of this fall back :(((

Ben> thanks for your support here and there :D

Brian> yea...but youngster is our hope now! support them!

Claudio>We really need batman the dark knight now XD haha

Benoît Prévot said...

I also use the word superb!!!
what a sensitive drawings!
I adore the las one!

joysuke said...

Benoit> Merci beaucoup!!!!! still exploring how to do :D

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