upstair cafe

2 days ago a 50 years old building fell down in To Kwa Wan-kowloon city, it's some sort the similar building in this drawing.
i love a bit old building it represents more the mood of hong kong, however this accident really
makes me uncomfortable, the photo of the accident makes me relate to 'earthquake" =_=;, how come it would happen here? totally non-sense, if government using those $60 billion HKD (from citizen's tax) to build that 25km express rail link, why not using those money to check and repair old buildings all over hong kong? is human life value less than those economics (plus it's no guarantee we would earn money from that express rail), totally fu*ked, nothing else I can say.
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painter test

when will i really know how to use it :P
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recently the political environment is very messy in hong kong, I feel so upset about it, looking some monsters ruining a place I love...the feeling is worse than breaking up with someone, i think it's nearly accurate to describe how I feel the moment.
how can our government totally ignore but even reverse our opinion?

why so desperate?

those monsters are monsters.
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