practice-01 (foto ref)

need a lots practice to understand something >.<, i beg you know the original foto if you did notice asian pop culture :P.


TiSha said...

Hi Joysuke ! I was looking through your gallery and noticed that I faved almost everyone of your images, so I decided to add you to my blog list! And I can see that you're add me too ^^
But i just change my adress blog : !! You can update it if you want :)

great work, keep it up!

joysuke said...

done ;))!

ET said...

您好!我是澳門《MIND》漫畫雜誌的編輯,想刊登你的作品, 不知可以與否?....有興趣可以聯絡我吧!
我的e-mail :

joysuke said...

已給你回覆請check email~謝謝!

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