old stuffs -02


[_] said...

you got some real nice colors, very cool artworks!

serialkid said...

Hey!! Thanks a lot for your comment!!!
Your stuff here is great, I like the most your Chun Li!!

Would you like to participate in a new "freaky" initiative? I've created, with 2 other spanish artist, a blog (http://elgranfrikiton.blogspot.com). Every month, we will propose a subject, and everyone who likes it, could send us a drawing!!

Take a look, and, if you like it, participate!! ;)


Thank you!!! And keep drawing, plz!!!

joysuke said...

(_)hey thxx

serialkid> how to paticiple???

VishyFishy said...

awesome drawings!
gooo chun-li! haha

nita said...

thanks for the comment :9

do you mind if I link you?
Love ur stuff, particularly the new ones <3

joysuke said...

vishyfishy>thx alot!!!!!

nita>yes, pls take it, i will link u too! thx alots!!

abeoh! said...

wow, my fave is the chun-li :D

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