last 4 days in france!!!!

i will miss everything here so much; au revoirT____T!!!!!


serialkid said...

Wow!!! I Love the color compo!!!
Evocative and athmosferic!!

靛 said...

會再來的。 ^_^

Saskia said...

oha, what have you done in France? Will you make an travel Report???

btw. Great Illustration :) Your sense for color is amazing *_* The combination between red and turquise is wonderful. Her Hair seems to glow :D

I hope you post more, when you are back :(

joysuke said...

serialkid: thx that's nice u like that!


SASKIA>I traveled, seeing alot of thing and visited my friends in france! i will put it in my france trip blog!
i hope i can post more too , but my pc is down again ;_;

anim8rix said...

lovely work!!!

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